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Assuming, at the beginning, the representation of imported products, some years later, Laboratorio LAZAR began to carry out the manufacture of its own products, at its first production plant. Then, during the forties, the definitive industrial plant was built and put on operation in Carapachay, located at the province of Buenos Aires. Several generations of Argentine people have grown up experiencing and collecting the therapeutical advantages of medical specialities. With regard to this issue, it suffices to mention Paratropina, widely disseminated at the medical prescription pad.

Throughout its history, Laboratorio LAZAR has grown up supporting the clinical and pharmaceutical research, with the development and synthesis of new molecules, incorporating new products to its range, and contributing therapeutical elements of invaluable importance at the fight against several illnesses. An example of that is the introduction of Lactulón, the first lactulose available at the Argentine market, an irreplaceable medicine for the treatment of portosystemic encephalopathy and extremely useful for the treatment of constipation.

With a past of hierarchy and a modern and vigorous present, Laboratorio Lazar has an exemplary industrial plant, with manufacturing areas meeting the most advanced and demanding international rules of quality (GMPc), which leads to the development and production of effective, reliable and high quality medicines.

In order to accomplish our goal, we have teams of chemists, doctors, and biochemists working together on the development of new formulaes registering new products at regulatory entities, and on the selection and analysis of necessary scientific material for research and development.


Laboratorio LAZAR has an important library with first level national and international publications, constituting a source of relevant information available for every inquire of doctors.

Faithful to its philosophy at the service to the doctor and the community, Laboratorio LAZAR has constantly stimulated the progress and improvement of different medical specialities, by means of the support to correspondent medical societies and associations gathering them; cooperating as in the daily task as in the execution of scientific events, launch of permanent medical education programs, etc.

Our MISSION consists on the development and the manufacture of high quality and effective medicinal specialities, in order to offer other therapeutical options to health experts; that is, to provide with high level and quality medicines to the national and international community.

Our VISION consists on the consolidation of the position of Laboratorio LAZAR at the national pharmaceutical industry and the reinforcing of the presence worldwide as a “Symbol of Confidence”, supported on genuine values as responsibility, team work, the constant search of excellence, the permanent overcoming and updating and the respect for people.

That is why, LAZAR is a “Symbol of Confidence, always at the service to the Doctor”.

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